A few steps below ground: Edgeland Residence by Bercy Chen Studio

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You’re walking in a green field, in the middle of the woods, when all of a sudden a view unfolds beneath your feet. A villa dug out 2 meters below ground, the roof isolated and covered in grass, opens up in all its underground refinement, revealing even a pool.

It’s called Edgeland Residence, designed by Bercy Chen Studio, and is a contemporary revisitation of the inhabitation of Native Americans of the North: the Native American Pit House.

With its sharp edges, nestled in the ground, it blends with the surrounding vegetation and takes advantage of the thermal exchange of the earth, remaining cool in summer and warm in winter.

In the hyper-connected world of skyscrapers, Bercy Chen Studio rediscover primitive techniques that allowed our ancestors to repair themselves for centuries, with a visual and functional effect that evokes site-specific installations and becomes a natural extension of the territory.

But there’s also avant-garde technology in the subterranean walls of Edgeland Residence: an integrated HVAC system for heating, ventilation, water heating and air conditioning with more efficient energy consumption.

Edgeland Residence was conceived to cure the scars left on the territory from industrialization, in the search for a new balance between natural and man-made environment.

Photos via bcarc.com

21 February 2013