Bartholot, a joker in a leotard

An odd beauty drowned in colour, a melancholy kindness clad in soft fears. Robert G. Bartholot loves to disguise a mysterious material such as style with the leotard of a pop hero.
LTVs, Robert G. Bartholot
Art director, graphic designer, illustrator and photographer based in Berlin, Robert G. Bartholot was born in Southern Germany in 1971. His CV boasts experience in Lucerne & Zurich and in the team of photographers of Álvaro Villarubia. 

Robert G. Bartholot, LTVs
His view of the fashion world has a unique style and translates into editorial and advertising projects which are bursting with bright and contrasting colours, in typically pop settings. 

Robert G. Bartholot, LTVs
They are populated with human mannequins that seem as though they have come out of a film set based on an American cartoon superhero and stylised by a minimalist fashion designer.

Robert G. Bartholot, LTVs
His work has been published in a large number of international magazines, while Diesel and Sony have exploited his mixture of photography and abstract illustration for their advertising campaigns.
Robert G. Bartholot, LTVs
The result is a melancholy and glossy world, Roger Rabbit style, where reality manages to house a two-dimensional world, illustrated and graphic, but so vivid that it appears to be real on the photographer's set.

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16 February 2011