Identikit of the perfect "maker"

If the next Industrial Revolution were led by artisans able to ride the wave of new technologies and reinterpret tradition, then ceramic potter Michael Eden would no doubt be the first in line.

From 1986 to 2006 Michael Eden has worked as a craftsman specialized in the design and manufacturing of vases in ceramics and semi-liquid clay.

In this period of time he has published together with his wife the book Slipware: Contemporary Approaches (1999) and travelled the world to display his work in the most important galleries.

Then not one, but two sabbatical years in London at the Royal College of Art. Just enough time to launch a research project and add a new creative tool, technology, to his potting activities.

How to combine sophisticated 3D machinery and specific knowledge regarding digital technology with manual ability and experience? This was the pivotal question of his project.

The first pratical – and theoretical – answer to the question was "The Wedgwoodn’t Tureen", a contemporary revisitation of objects that are symbolic of the first Industrial Revolution, with the use of innovative ceramics, processes and techniques.

A project that earned him the RSA design award, collaborations with important design firms and prestigious exhibitions. Plus an all-access pass to be part of the “club” of future “makers”.

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30 November 2011
Georges Meublat

Cet Artiste d\'Excellence devrait s\'appeler: Un Maître d\'Art Numérique Bien à vous et Bravo!

1 December 2011

alessandra canonico

bellissimi questi oggetti!!! complimenti all\'artista!!!

30 November 2011


un riferimento, un artista.

30 November 2011