"Who is on Next?" Let's Hear the Finalists

Milan, Palazzo della Moda. Lancia TrendVisions paid a visit to the finalists of "Who is on Next?" We spoke about inspiration, passion, hard work - some openly admit they keep their nose to the grindstone even up to 20 hours per day. Let's find out who they are... And finally, they haven't wasted advice for the new generation of fashion design. Here they are.

What inspired your collection?
I decided to start with a monochromatic palette and the way its drapes the silhouette, with its decisive lines that exalt the choice of all black. The "Murmur" collection, specifically, is based upon the idea of union of opposites, in this case of organic and industrial elements.

What qualities should a fashion designer work on more?
Having studied design and worked with photographers leads to training your eyes, and finding a personal way of looking at things. I believe very much in the presentation and execution of an idea. It's like finding a frame in which to communicate the message of your story. Also, to evoke emotions, the body is fundamental: its representation, its three-dimensional impact. Gail Sorronda

What inspired your collection?
The art of Keith Haring, his way of using lines and combining primary colours. Specifically, I was influenced by his collaboration with singer Grace Jones, with whom he united music, tribal art, performance and nightlife. She is the icon of my latest collection.

A piece of advice for aspiring fashion designers.
You must be a hard worker and never lose sight of your goal. If you are really enthusiastic, you can even work day and night without realising it. Jerome Rousseau

What inspired your collection?
We have always been inspired by our city, Venice. A historical stratification that has involved the city emerges from this collection too. For instance, you can find reverberations of Byzantine style, very much present in Venice. Ours is a voyage in space and time that translates into applications on volumes, shapes, textures and details. This time we got even closer to the space of design.

What qualities should a designer work on more?
Fashion evolves if one gets closer to design. Only design lets you change the skin of objects and make contemporary what can originate, for instance, from historical inspiration. Another piece of advice is not just to look at the fashion world, but at other universes and their possible meeting points. It should be a voyage into memory, a rediscovery to design the future. And to us Venice is our Wunderkammer. The last piece of advice is to look beyond the profession of designer. After teaching a fashion design course at the IUAV in Venice, we notice that many students look down on the range of trades fashion opens up. There is a world ranging from dressmaking or tailoring to pattern making to even textile research. And it should be rediscovered. Arnoldo ][ Battois

What inspired your collection?
A particular intersection. The intersection between Argentine culture, specifically that of the gaucho - related to the inhabitants of the Pampas - and the French burlesque imagination. So you can find ancient seams, typical of the gaucho world, with the foulard; or burlesque footwear, mixing the use of jute and patent leather.

How do you create a long-lasting mark?
You have to create a style. An imprint that stays the same as time goes by. I want to make fashion by associating it with an artistic point of view, therefore by freeing myself of current fashion trends. And style is definitely the hardest way, but it is the one that lets you create a strong mark, if it works. Claudio Montias

And at last, the winner of "Who is on Next?"...

Who inspired your collection?
My muse for this collection was an Iranian artist and director, Shirin Neshat, whom I believe I share similar experiences with, such as the meeting with different cultures and the desire to get closer to them with art. The burqa is still my iconic object. Again in this collection I identify the traditional dress of Islamic women with western fashion. T-shirts with built-in veil that leave open just a slit for the eyes, and shirts that button all the way up over the head.

What qualities should a fashion designer work on more?
Travelling to open up to stimuli of other subjects. In the meantime, don't stop working. Erkan Coruh
06 October 2010