The Up&More Contest is a prize competition that each month puts an object of design or a fashion accessory up for grabs. To participate all you have to do is vote your favorite among the 2 objects presented each day, for 25 days. At the end of the contest the objects with the most votes from the LTVs community are revealed. The winner is whoever guessed the greatest number of correct objects, those that got the highest percentage of votes.

How to participate
To participate you have to subscribe to and vote your favorite style among 25 pairs of objects proposed during the contest. Each person can choose whether to vote an object a day, vote them sporadically or vote them all in just a few minutes before the closing of the competition. What counts is to vote your favorite among all 25 pairs of objects presented.

Duration and development of the contest
The contests start each 15th of the month and end on the 10th of the successive month. In this timeframe, each day, for 25 days, a comparison between 2 objects is proposed.
Between the 10th and the 14th of each month a winner will be selected and announced. In total there will be 12 monthly contests.

Picking a winner
Only once the contest has ended, after the 10th of each month, will the percentages of votes for the 25 pairs of objects be communicated. The winner is whoever guessed the greatest number of objects with a higher percentage of votes.
The ranking of the participants will also be published, and in case of a tie, the winner will be whoever subscribed first, chronologically, to the Lancia TrendVisions site.