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premio in palio:

Faretto Table White by Slamp

Part of a series by designer Nigel Coates called "Faretto", this table lamp is accentuated in its graphic profile by the while coloration. An object with a strong personality that combines directional light with an iconic, sculptural form, somewhere between nature and architecture. 
Dimensions: cm 30 x 30 ; h 38
Material: Cristalflex & Polycarbonate

25 - Cooked or raw?

Materials and technologies at complete opposites. To make bracelet "Covered #3", Swedish designer Sanna Svedestedt dusts off the ancient Medieval technique of boiling leather (cuir bouilli), that would then be used to make armors. A colder, but not less elegant style is that of "C Bracelet" by Jiro Kamata, an enveloping plexiglass C that hugs your wrist. Which to wear?

voting closed 10/12/2012


9 December 2012


24 - Expanded or compressed?

Composition, geometry and color. Yes, even color. Because lamp "Bau" can explode into different chromatic variations. Find out on the site of manufacturer Normann Copenhagen. "Gather" instead puts all its charm together around a clump of black parallelepipeds and a single thread. It was designed by Japanese studio Nendo for brand K% from Singapore. With which is it love at first sight?


voting closed 10/12/2012


8 December 2012


23 - Thick or thin?

Who could have known that chair "Money" by Maxim Maximov would have taken its cue from a block of folded banknotes? Inspiration is everywhere. Take for example Alessandro Stabile and Alessandro Gnocchi. They conceived "Wired" while trying to interpret their same role as designers. Which chair inspires you the most?

voting closed 10/12/2012


7 December 2012


22 - Ductile or rigid?

A body in steel and a head in aluminum. It seems inflexible, yet lamp "Fred" by Nicolas François can be bent like the stalk of a flower. Instead no curves for "Peso Lamp" by Olli Mustikainen & Jari Nyman. Whose light is like a string hanging from a branch. Rigor, lightness and subtle elegance.

voting closed 10/12/2012


6 December 2012


21 - Meek or combative?

Two "flexible" rings, in birch plywood. "Wood Foam" by François Azambourg welcomes you with its accommodating curves. Whereas "3in1" by Serbian designer Vladimir Paripovic is on the war path: a belligerent mix of right angles, character and unpredictability. Where will you seek refuge?

voting closed 10/12/2012


5 December 2012

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