Up&more: vote for your style

Choose between two trends. The alternatives are already avant-garde, what changes is the style. up&More is not just a simple game; it is there to challenge you and the other members of the community. An open page where new trends are set thanks to the weight of your votes and how original your sense of taste is.
Which side are you on?

Full or empty?

Jaime Hayon translated the brief of Parachilna into "Aballs", a collection of lamps in rich materials and with impeccable artisanal finishes. The fullness of this example is in contrast with the emptiness (in the sense of lack of matter, not lack of craftsmanship) of "Luna", designed by Stevan Djurovic. To turn it on or off, just rotate it like our satellite.

voting closed 02/07/2014


25 June 2014


Water or land?

LTV's trusted astrologer will read your stars today based on your choice of footwear. If you pick "Aqua Ronda" by Christian Louboutin, you're a deeply sensitive soul, with an air of mystery about you. Do you prefer "Mila" by Sophia Webster? Then you're inclined to a pragmatic and concrete approach in your day to day.

voting closed 01/07/2014


24 June 2014


Catwoman or Batgirl?

Every fashionable super hero needs a bag. "Crossbody" by Job & Boss is made of bi-chrome leather worked by hand. The inside is lined, providing a sense of molded stiffness. While "Modena" by J. Apostrophe for Oak plays with geometry and multi-functionality: it can be used both as a clutch and a shoulder bag.

voting closed 30/06/2014


23 June 2014


Vintage or brand new?

The design of 1929 makes a comeback. Or maybe it never left. The classic style of "Bibendum" by Eileen Gray got just a few retouches. While "Gemini" by UNStudio is brand spanking new. The asymmetrical design can accommodate a variety of seating positions and works combined with multiple pieces.

voting closed 27/06/2014


20 June 2014


Painting or sculpture?

At ABC Home they paint their furniture in HD. Table "Hi Def" reproduces artist-designed graphics with laser printing, and each piece is limited edition. From painting to sculpture with "Butterfly", where Angelo Tomaiuolo combines bold contemporary design with traditional materials. Which form of art do you prefer?

voting closed 26/06/2014


19 June 2014

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