Up&more: vote for your style

Choose between two trends. The alternatives are already avant-garde, what changes is the style. up&More is not just a simple game; it is there to challenge you and the other members of the community. An open page where new trends are set thanks to the weight of your votes and how original your sense of taste is.
Which side are you on?

Peach or fruit salad?

Summer is round the corner, so why not keep cool with these two tasty high-heeled sandals? So fresh they remind us of the juiciest seasonal fruits. "Tallyho" by Rupert Sanderson combines various shades of peach and apricot, while "Zebra" by Pierre Hardy comes in a potpourri of earthy tones.

voting closed 09/05/2014


2 May 2014


Ceramic or concrete?

It may not look like it, but it's ceramic. Spanish designer Jaime Hayon used metallic lacquer finishes and a style that would make the Queen of Hearts jealous. Ben Uyeda responds with "Concrete Stool", which includes the instructions for making the piece for under €5. Ready to roll your sleeves up?

voting closed 07/05/2014


30 April 2014


Rigorous or freestyle?

A metallic sheen glows on both the heels of Marissa Webb and those of Pierre Hardy. The former is buckled up in ankle cuff and straps with a vaguely Art decò air, the latter sees the Parisian designer expressing all his serpentine creativity. How do you feel today?

voting closed 06/05/2014


29 April 2014


Open or guarded?

If usually fabric is used to hide structure, in "Cow Chair" by Amanda Lilholt Hurup it's the exact opposite. Everything is visible: framework, straps and hide, as made by nature. "Lounge chair Q1" by Odesd2 is instead inspired by a work of Buckminster Fuller. Did you know the sphere is the most comfortable shape to sit in? Try it yourself!

voting closed 05/05/2014


28 April 2014


Bare or blooming?

A dining table signed by Fferrone, composed of deconstructed geometric lines and sleek materials: glass and powder-coated steel. Oh so essential. While Atelier Bonk creatively doodle all over their designs, transforming a piece of furniture into a canvas on which to let the imagination loose.

voting closed 02/05/2014


25 April 2014

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