Up&more: vote for your style

Choose between two trends. The alternatives are already avant-garde, what changes is the style. up&More is not just a simple game; it is there to challenge you and the other members of the community. An open page where new trends are set thanks to the weight of your votes and how original your sense of taste is.
Which side are you on?

Turmoil or tranquility?

Part industrial fossil, part robotic piece of jewelry, ring "Ageless" by Nicole Schuster will appeal to a personality that is rather edgy, and full of surprises. Yutaka Minegishi carves his accessory from the precious wood ebony. Compact and smoothed, it almost seems to be a metal sculpture.

voting closed 07/02/2014


31 January 2014


Direct or enigmatic?

Walk The Plank Collective plays with simplicity. "Lunar Console" is both refined and yet rustic, in a game of essential lines, which instead in the table by Port and Quarter multiply with geometric regularity, until almost becoming a work of architecture. Simplicity dressed as complexity, or vice versa?

voting closed 06/02/2014


30 January 2014


Slender or clunky?

In a delicate balance of geometries, slim heels "Mariposa" by Alejandro Ingelmo envelope your ankles in a light embrace of soft leather. Or perhaps you preferred a stronger clasp? Then "Thorn" by Iris Van Herpen is for you, with its arched and shiny 19 cm designed for United Nude in limited edition.

voting closed 05/02/2014


29 January 2014


Excited or relaxed?

Let's talk about these two multifunctional lamps. "Plockepinn" by Mårten Andersson plays an animated game of hide and seek with its wire and use of color. "Ka XL" joins a tripod shape with leather thread, filtering light through a cotton diffuser. It also comes equipped with a natural leather tray, like a hammock to lay things in.

voting closed 04/02/2014


28 January 2014


Water or fire?

Like shiny, gold and silver-plated drops that have been cut into slices. Wearable from day to night. And you won't even get wet. They're called "Teardrop Slice Studs" and are by Biko. Burcuokut take us towards the opposite element, designing a fire of flames resembling a flower: "Tulip".

voting closed 03/02/2014


27 January 2014

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