Up&more: vote for your style

Choose between two trends. The alternatives are already avant-garde, what changes is the style. up&More is not just a simple game; it is there to challenge you and the other members of the community. An open page where new trends are set thanks to the weight of your votes and how original your sense of taste is.
Which side are you on?

Unitary or composite?

Pink can be surprising in whatever form it takes. As a soft unit, such as in "Rue petal", which designer Jannis Ellenberger propped on 4 legs from the 50s. Or composed, like in "Wireframe Sofa" by Sam Hecht and Kim Colin, which blends a casual and sophisticated style for a piece of furniture consecrated to durability.

voting closed 20/05/2014


13 May 2014


Wide open or scrunched?

Atelier Biagetti presents “Bonjour Milàn 2014”, a collection that mixes vintage and contemporary, such as in this lamp that seems to stare at you with its opaque copper eye. While “OverNight” by Odd Matter Studio takes the technique of welding copper with glass to the next level, resulting in this experimental object.

voting closed 19/05/2014


12 May 2014


Anatomic or ergonomic?

Skin to skin. The sensation when sitting on "Nude Chair" by Hull Studio is like that of an embrace: a body that accommodates our form, adapting perfectly to it. “Ren” by Karimoku instead ensures correct posture with its ergonomic chair made with the traditional wood working technique of tomegata sanmai tsug. Pick a seat!

voting closed 16/05/2014


9 May 2014


Piano or big drum?

Music maestro! The first notes are provided by Christopher Specce's “Windsor Settee”, which extends the iconic Windsor chair into a sofa that seats 2 or more. It's so elongated that the backrest resembles a set of piano keys. While “Corbeille” by Anouchka Potdevin has a flexible design. You can take off one of the baskets and...drum roll please: it becomes a lounge chair. 

voting closed 15/05/2014


8 May 2014


Cheerful or austere?

As high as mountainous peaks, “Maitai Pink Leather” by Steve Madden and “Gina Cuff Sandal” by Whistles have a somewhat mineral look to them. Rosy, majestic, almost dolomitic in appearance the first. Dark, volcanic, resembling the versatile Basalt rock of the Etna the second. Which will you stop to contemplate?

voting closed 14/05/2014


7 May 2014

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