Up&more: vote for your style

Choose between two trends. The alternatives are already avant-garde, what changes is the style. up&More is not just a simple game; it is there to challenge you and the other members of the community. An open page where new trends are set thanks to the weight of your votes and how original your sense of taste is.
Which side are you on?

Prairie or tropical forest?

It evokes the great spaces where stallions gallop freely. Shoe "Gill" by Aperlai has that same wild aspect, but also a look of refined elegance. From another corner of the globe come Sophia Webster's pointed toe heels. A tropical forest that borders on Art Nouveau style.

voting closed 07/08/2015


31 July 2015


Hairless or hirsute?

"Walking cabinet" by Andrei Otet knows where to go, as demonstrated by its dynamic little paws. And perhaps its direction is right in your home... While you try to find that out, look at what happens when designer Evan Z. Crane meets an Icelandic sheep. You'll discover cabinet "Creature", which adds a playful element to a piece of furniture, bringing it to life.

voting closed 04/08/2015


28 July 2015


Cerberus or Polyphemus?

A battle at the very peak of mythology. We compare the concept of "Lumo" by Anna Wawszczak to the renowned dog with three heads for its monstrous modularity and modernity. Whereas "Droit Soledad" by Elsa Pochat resembles the famed cyclops due to its luminous and sliding "eye". The classy base is in Carrara marble. Which lights up your imagination?

voting closed 03/08/2015


27 July 2015


Festive or austere?

"Josie" by Mathery is a chair that celebrates every time you sit on it. Taking a seat sets the party off: try it to believe it... or to admire its explosion of confetti. While "The Loom Chair" by H Furniture takes its cue from an opposite principle. As the name suggests, the inspiration is a Mexican manual loom. The production process takes advantage of avant-garde CNC technology.

voting closed 31/07/2015


24 July 2015


Queen of hearts or mistress of the night?

Powerful, dignified and proud. Like the original Queen of Hearts in the novel by Lewis Carrol, "Cross Bootie" by Aperlai asserts itself with its sexy geometric pattern. While "Nina Black Suede" by Tabitha Simmons replies with dark and dreamy atmospheres. A dame worthy of comedy-horror character Elvira. What side are you on?

voting closed 21/07/2015


14 July 2015

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