Spring Reunion Held in Palm Springs, CA

Spring Reunion Held in Palm Springs, CA

Bob Sorrentino was our host for the 2007 ALC Spring Reunion in Palm Springs, CA.

The ALC Spring Reunion was a great success, primarily because of the effort of the Sorrentinos. Their organized activities went off without a hitch. Thank you so much for everything. The weather was the only less than perfect part of the event. It was cold and windy. In fact, on the rally, we went through snow! The rally had an interesting gimmick feature. Small signs were placed along the 170 mile route randomly with the name of various Lancia models to be recorded to find the winnier of the rally. There were 33 signs placed and the winner, Steve Katzmann, recorded 24. The route of the rally began with a climb of 6,500 feet to a small mountain town, Idlewild, CA. The second leg of the rally continued on the Hemet and, eventually to the Thornton Winery for the lunch stop. The final leg covered about 70 miles with a stop at an overlook viewing the Palm Desert area with a photo opportunity.

That evening, we had a fantastic meal at Lions (pronounced “Leeons”) restaurant for remarkable meal. My Osso Bucco was good for another meal when we returned home!

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