Welcome to the American Lancia Club’s Home Page

Welcome to the American Lancia Club’s Home Page

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Dear Lancisti:

I hope that one of you can help me. I met a very nice Italian gentleman who collects Italian cars. I was judging the post war Alfa Romeo class at Pebble Beach in 2005 and that is where we met. He has recently contacted me and has asked for my help in locating this car. A company in England is advertising it for sale, they state that the car is in England, I had my brother in England call them and they say that the car is actually still in the USA. Can any one help me with a contact name or phone number, so that I can call on behalf of the Italian, who is VERY interested in purchasing the Lancia.
I look forward to hearing from someone with some good news soon!
Regards Nigel in Vancouver, BC, Canada

1953 Lancia Aurelia Balbo: B21 Engine, 2-litre with 2 solex carburetors. Body by Balbo of Torino. Probably show car as the one pictured on page 82 of “Lancia Aurelia GT” in “Le Auto Classiche” series of books.
Original unrestored condition of body. New engine and brakes. Spares. Perspex front windshield, couple of pieces of trim missing.
Car is in Los Angeles area.

The Aurelia of 1950 was the first model launched after the death of the founder of the marque, Vincenzo Lancia. It was produced as a saloon and a coupe with a 2.0 litre V6 that could take it to 90mph (145kmh).

This particular example was ordered by a Texan and shipped to the US in 1952. We believe this to be the only Balbo bodied car built, which we are trying to confirm with the chassis number at present. The car was stored from 1965 until 1992 when it was bought by an Aurelia enthusiast who rebuilt the engine, transaxle and brakes. It is complete bar a couple of pieces of missing trim.

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